Microsoft Set to Integrate 'Call of Duty' into Xbox Game Pass

Published May 19, 2024

Recent reports from the Wall Street Journal suggest that Microsoft Corporation MSFT is poised to add the upcoming iteration of the popular video game franchise 'Call of Duty' to its Xbox Game Pass service. As anticipation builds, it's believed the new title dropping on the Game Pass platform might be the next entry in the 'Black Ops' series.

The Impact on Microsoft's Gaming Strategy

By incorporating 'Call of Duty' into the Game Pass lineup, Microsoft MSFT is likely to reinforce its gaming ecosystem's value proposition. This move could potentially attract new subscribers, retain existing ones, and bolster the utilization of Xbox and cloud gaming services.

Financial and Strategic Advantages

Financially, the inclusion of 'Call of Duty' in the Game Pass library could translate into increased revenue streams through subscriptions rather than one-time game purchases. Strategically, it reinforces Microsoft's MSFT commitment to becoming a dominant player in the gaming industry, leveraging its existing intellectual property and online platforms.

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