ASCAP Musters Support for Voter Participation Amidst AI Legislative Discussions

Published July 10, 2024

In a pivotal year for elections with substantial impacts on the trajectory of AI legislation, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) rejuvenates its efforts to galvanize voter turnout amongst musicians and creatives. The ASCAP Citizen campaign, in collaboration with the voting advocacy group HeadCount, has rallied an impressive cohort of top-tier ASCAP members. This diverse ensemble of celebrated figures includes Leon Thomas, Madison Love, Jimmy Jam, and Pinar Toprak, amongst others, who are championing the cause to encourage members of the music community to exercise their voting rights.

Elevating Civic Engagement in the Creative Sphere

Motivated by the profound influence that the incoming legislative body could have on the domain of artificial intelligence, especially as it pertains to the arts, the ASCap Citizen initiative stresses the importance of informed and active participation in the electoral process. This year’s efforts come at a critical juncture where the conversation on Capitol Hill has increasingly turned its focus on the complexities of AI regulation, usage, and ethics, issues that could significantly shape the future landscape of the music industry.

Incorporating Music Powerhouses to Energize Voters

The enlistment of renowned artists and ASCAP affiliates like Leon Thomas, Madison Love, Jimmy Jam, and Pinar Toprak underscores the campaign’s commitment to leveraging the persuasive appeal of influential figures to mobilize voters. By drawing on their prominence within the music sector, these ASCAP members aim to amplify the call for political engagement and underscore the stakes of legislative decisions that could impact creators’ rights, royalties, and the broader dynamics of the music economy.

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