Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Educational Tech Company 2U, Inc.

Published July 8, 2024

New York, July 7, 2024 – Pomerantz LLP, a distinguished law firm recognized for its role in advocating for shareholders' rights, has brought forth a class action lawsuit against the educational technology corporation 2U, Inc., trading under the stock ticker TWOU. This lawsuit has emerged following allegations that may affect the rights of investors with holdings in the company. 2U, Inc., which operates out of Lanham, Maryland, extends its services across the globe, with a presence in the United States, Hong Kong, South Africa, and the United Kingdom, specializing in providing high-quality educational technology solutions.

Lawsuit Announcement

In response to the circumstances involving 2U, Inc., Pomerantz LLP encourages investors who have suffered losses in their TWOU shares to come forward. The law firm has declared the filing of the class action lawsuit prompting those who are interested or in need of more information to reach out to representative Danielle Peyton via email at [email protected] or by phone at 646-581-9980 or toll-free at 888.4-POMLAW, extension unspecified.

Investor Guidance

Investors who have encountered financial damages during their investment in TWOU may have entitlements that can be addressed through this class action lawsuit. Pomerantz LLP extends its expertise in shareholder rights and class action suits, providing necessary legal counsel for those adversely affected by the events surrounding 2U, Inc. It is imperative for these shareholders to take swift measures to assess and protect their investments as the legal proceedings evolve.

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