Historical Trends Indicate a Nasdaq Resurgence: Spotlight on 2 Growth Stocks

Published July 4, 2024

Historical data has a story to tell, especially when it comes to the performance of market indices during bull runs. One of the more vibrant narrators of market feats is the Nasdaq Composite index, known for its tech-heavy roster and the potential for yielding substantial returns in favorable market climates. An analysis of the market's cycles indicates that, in periods of a bull market, the Nasdaq Composite has characteristically provided investors with remarkable gains. At the heart of these bullish phases are growth stocks that often eclipse their peers and reward investors with significant returns.

The Ascent of the Nasdaq Composite

The trajectory of the Nasdaq Composite during bull markets is a compelling argument for investors looking to capitalize on growth stocks with robust potential. With the right market conditions, the index has historically seen an upward climb, reaffirming the optimism that drives investors' bullish sentiment. This historical momentum sets the stage for investors seeking to identify which stocks might lead the charge in the next bull market rally.

Two Compelling Growth Stocks to Consider

Among the plethora of options on the Nasdaq, certain stocks stand out with their potential for growth and ability to capitalize on market trends. Two such stocks that investors might consider as we gear up for what could be the next bull market are GOOG and ROKU.

GOOG, the well-established multinational conglomerate and parent company to Google, has consistently shown it is a force to be reckoned with in the tech industry. Headquartered in Mountain View, California, Alphabet has its fingers on the pulse of innovation and remains a titan among the world's most valuable and revenue-generating technology companies. It is not a newcomer to robust growth, and its position in the market could signal further success during a Nasdaq rally.

On the other hand, ROKU, the TV streaming platform giant based out of San Jose, California, exemplifies the dynamic growth potential in the streaming entertainment sector. As more consumers cut the cord and transition to streaming services, ROKU is well-positioned to benefit from this paradigm shift in content consumption. Its platform's popularity and its strategic partnerships suggest it may be one of the growth stocks to watch as the Nasdaq climbs.

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