WIPO's Geneva Head of Investigation Section Position Overview

Published July 8, 2024

An intriguing career opportunity is available with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), which is seeking a qualified individual to lead its Investigation Section. This esteemed role is based in Geneva, Canton of Geneva, and is identified by job number 34908. The successful candidate will have the chance to work at an organization that plays a crucial part in the global intellectual property system, safeguarding innovation and creativity.

The Role of Head, Investigation Section

The Head of the Investigation Section at WIPO will be entrusted with the important task of conducting thorough investigations to ensure the integrity and ethical conduct within the establishment. This position is central to the operational health of WIPO, requiring a professional with exemplary investigatory abilities, strong leadership qualities, and a deep understanding of intellectual property matters.

Job Requirements and Responsibilities

Candidates for this position are expected to showcase significant expertise in handling complex investigations, possess a sound legal understanding, and demonstrate an ability to manage a team of professionals effectively. Key responsibilities include devising investigation strategies, compiling detailed reports, and working collaboratively across departments to enforce regulations and respond to potential infringements.

Please note this concise summary may not reflect all the details of the position or the application process. Additionally, while this career opportunity relates to the economic and financial sector, it is not directly associated with specific stock market investments or tickers.

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