UP Government to Enhance Kanwar Yatra Surveillance with Aerial Support and Floral Tributes

Published July 7, 2024

In a significant move to ensure the safety and enhance the spiritual experience of participants, the Uttar Pradesh government has announced that it will employ a helicopter to monitor the upcoming Kanwar Yrahra. Alongside surveillance, this initiative includes the ceremonial gesture of showering flowers upon the kanwariyas, the devotees who partake in this annual pilgrimage.

Kanwar Yatra: A Sacred Pilgrimage

The Kanwar Yatra is an annual pilgrimage undertaken by devotees of Shiva, known as kanwariyas, who visit holy places to collect the sacred water of the Ganges. The journey holds immense religious significance, and the state's decision to monitor the event from the skies aims to enhance security measures for the substantial influx of pilgrims that partake in the Yatra each year.

Aerial Surveillance and Floral Homage

An official statement released on Saturday confirmed the government's plan to use helicopter surveillance to oversee the event for its duration. This undertaking not only exemplifies the government's commitment to maintaining the peace and order during the Yatra but also expresses reverence for the pilgrims. The aerial dispensation of flowers is a symbolic act intended to honor the devotees' dedication and spiritual fervor as they undertake their sacred journey.

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