Centuries-Old Artifacts Discovered at North Carolina Church

Published July 7, 2024

For the Rev. Daniel Cenci, a rector at Christ Episcopal Church since 2019, history is as much a passion as delivering sermons. His dual interests merged in a remarkable way on June 20 when a tree removal project on the church grounds in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, led to an unexpected discovery. A trove of artifacts dating back centuries was unearthed, providing a tangible connection to the past for the congregation and community.

Historical Treasure Beneath the Surface

In the midst of supervising grounds maintenance, Rev. Cenci and his team came across a veritable treasure of old items. What began as routine landscaping quickly transitioned into an impromptu archaeological dig. The removed soil revealed relics that were previously hidden beneath the church's sacred grounds, artifacts that span multiple generations and tell a story of the area's rich history.

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